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Entry #2

Trading Card Team!

2011-07-29 12:51:27 by TassioSouza

This is the official thread about my Card Game Team, any questions? post in this thread, if you want to join the team, PM me or post in this thread ! you can talk about anything from the Team here,

Integrants of the TCG Team:

1- TassioSouza
2- Quicksmasher
3- new-portal
4- maxninja234
5- J-Rex
6- grifkiller
7- Asandir
8- LiquidOoze
9- realmZeH


1- codergames
2- DirtyMeatball
3- Neolight

All we need is:

1- Programmer
2- Artist
3- Sponsor
4- Designer

Current Games in Development:

1- ??? ( Secret )
2- Mecha War ( name may change )
3- Epic Fantasy
4- Newgrounds Trading Card Game
5- ???
6- ???

Lets Join the Team!
Tassio :


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2011-08-06 07:36:41

You're an ass.


2012-07-26 18:52:26

Hey, I'm maxninja234's new account. It's been a long time bro. I don't know if you're even active anymore, but I just don't think this is gonna work. You need to have massive popularity on this site or you can't rely on the community. Maybe one day.